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A short guide to feeding Raw and BARF 

Raw : Feeding your dogs raw  meat , offal and bone

BARF : Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or bone and raw fed ...Same as raw feeding except also includes feeding some veg , seeds etc

 Also there is the prey model which involves feeding whole dead animals such as rabbit

Q : Why feed raw meats etc rather than mass produced commercial dry and wet dog foods ?

A :Dogs aren't designed to eat kibble or processed stuff out of tin cans ....by feeding a balanced raw diet you will quickly notice a  happier and healthier dog , which never leaves food hanging around in its bowl , has a healthier shinier coat and stools that are smaller , firmer and don't noticeably smell !

Q : Will my dog be more prone to worms from eating raw meat ?

A : No , any parasites that may be found in raw meat are eliminated by freezing

      Dogs should be wormed every 3 months regardless of diet .

Q : Are the bones dangerous , will they splinter or choke ?

A : Raw bones are safe , but always supervise when feeding raw bones and never let your dog gulp them down whole , they must crunch them up

Never feed cooked bones as these can splinter .

Q : How much to feed :

A : For a normal weight dog feed 2.5% of body weight 

      For a underweight dog feed 3% to 3.5% of body weight 

      For a overweight dog feed 2% of body weight .

Please note : Feeding guidelines are there to help , but please remember every dog is different and you can adjust your dogs meal proportions as you go till you get it just right .

Q : How much of my dogs diet should be meat ?, offal ? and bone ?

A : Typically your dogs raw diet should consist of 80% meat , 10% offal and 10% bone .

If feeding BARF we recommend you use 'smartbarf ' which we sell and deliver .